It's a stationary tool kit. it doesn't wear out. It is essential for construction.

Details Edit

As other constructions, it cannot be moved. It is very useful to craft massive amounts of nails for trade, or to dis/assemble lots of ammos for leveling up the mechanical skill.

Notice the recipe is a construction and not just a marking. It will consume the x5 tools required.

Obtaining Edit

Crafting Edit

Recipe is unlocked at Mechanics Level 7. It requires :

Result :

  • Workbench x 1
  • Mechanics +100

Shopping Edit

The workbench is for sale in the game shop for 500 caps.

Actions Edit

Disassemble Edit

You can disassemble the workbench to retrieve the following materials :

  • Firewood x1
  • Nail x50
  • Scrap x50