Best way to waste gasoline!

Details Edit

  • Weight 4.3 tons, disassembled 3.5 tons
  • Protect 2000
  • Light bonus 50%
  • Sleep bonus 50%
  • Workload 8 t
  • Fuel consumption 100 Km 14L

Assemble Edit

Experience Mechanics +100

Repair Edit

Broken zil130

Broken v454

Disassamble Edit

From Broken Edit

Disassemble zil130

Disassambled v454


  • Zil-130
  • Mechanics +10

From Complete Edit


  • Zil-130
  • Mechanics +10

Scrap Edit

  • Scrap Metal x10k - x30k

Forging +5

Real life Edit

The ZIL-130 was one of the most used cargo trucks used by Soviet Russia. It was used as a fire engine, logging truck, farm vehicle, and even used as a emergency gas service vehicle.

220px-ZiL-130 truck 2013 G1